Friday, December 13, 2013

USS Nautilus

Now that we are all settled in and getting close to starting work again, we took the opportunity to go visit the USS Nautilus and Museum. 

Standing next to the propellers. Mason was so amused that they were so big! If only he saw the size of the ones that go on the subs now :) 

The outter ring is the size that submarines are now days. They have come a long ways! 

Yup, Mason and Mariah are steering...heaven help us ;)

Looking through the periscope (you could see the water and the parking lot)

Bushnell's Turtle is the first submarine built

Outside the USS Nautilus

First CT Snow!

well we got our first official snow here the other day! So of course we had to let the little stinkers go out and play! They had a blast too! 

Showing off her "perfect snowball"

Snowball fight!

We have a park right behind our house and they have been bugging to go to it so we finally did and they didn't care the slide had snow, they still went down it! 

Climbing hills!

Thursday, October 17, 2013


Well we had a good time while the family was here in Seattle. It was nice to spend it with them as our last trip there before we move! Here are a few pics. I didn't get as many as I wanted because I left the camera in the truck and was not making the trek back so had to use my phone!
                                                                The Gum Wall!!! It didn't smell very good either!

Jeremy being a dork down at the waterfront by the Ferris wheel!


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Tahuya State Park

One of the things Mason chose to do for his birthday was go out to Tahuya State Park on the trails. He had a blast!!!

Going up the steep hills


Mason just chillin!

I think Mason is a little small between the trucks! :)
Quick video of going through a spot called an axel breaker. I have to say it is very interesting and amazing to see how these trucks flex with the road.

Mason's 3rd Birthday!

Can't believe it but Mason is three now! He chose to go to the pool and bbq. He had a blast and even got in the water and everything...but of course mom forgot the camera :( Came home and opened presents and did cake. Jeremy made his cake this year and I have to was kind of nice not having to do it.

Playing with his new car race mat!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Day at the Pool.

Well summer has officially hit here in Silverdale and now that I have weekends off we were able to enjoy our first weekend together at the pool! Kids were kind of panzies when it came to the water because they couldnt touch, so they kept on the stairs for the most part :)

Mariners vs Cubs Game

Had an amazing time at the baseball game this weekend! Big thanks again to Nicole and Rick for the tickets we really enjoyed it! Can officially mark it off our to-do list before we move!
View of Seattle coming in on the ferry!

Safeco Field!